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Introduction spots 景 区 简 介



Mucheng Scenic Area is located in the southeastern end of Binjiang New City, Jingjiang City to the south of Yangtze River, to the north of Yanjiang Road, to the east of Xingang Industrial Park and to the west of Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge. It was established and opened to public on September 28, 2012. When Jingjiang turned to be a land, the Emperor Sun Quan in the period of the Three Kingdoms made it war-horse grassland, so Jingjiang is also called “Mucheng” and the park was named as “Mucheng Scenic Area”.


Mucheng Scenic Area integrates the forest ecology, water-friendly lakefront, leisure and entertainment, garden and wild landscape and delicious food and has become the landmark attraction and name card of ecological culture with reputation of “Central Green Lung” and “Urban Oxygen Bar” with great idea, delicate conception and beautiful design. It’s built with center of Ming Lake and with land occupation of 2,800 Mou and water of 608 Mou. It relies on the natural view and integrates the humanistic elements to create the water-friendly and nature-friendly environment and the park by Yangtze River with artistic conception of harmony, people-orientation and return to innocence. It is a perfect place for citizens and tourists to relax and sightsee as there are a lot of green trees, lakes, islands, beautiful pavilions, corridors, bridges and birds in the park.